Ombudsman’s office
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ITAIPU makes available to population its Ombudsman’s office, whose goal is to serve as a communication channel between ITAIPU and the external public, contributing to the participatory and transparent management and consequently to its practices and business processes improvement.

Ombudsman’s Office receives suggestions, complaints, compliments and denunciations addressed to ITAIPU, forwards them to the responsible areas and works towards answers on time in the most satisfactory and possible ways to claimants.

Ethics, transparency, impartiality, independence of action, assurance of confidentiality, availability for contact and guarantee of response are values which shall guide the activities of the Ombudsman’s office.

Ombudsman’s Office does not replace the available channels services "DENUNCIATION" and "CONTACT US", which continue with their mission, however, works as a second instance for situations in which the claimant is not satisfied with the response previously obtained. If this is your case, please see the option below "MAKE A MANIFESTATION" (which can then be followed through "FOLLOW UP YOUR MANIFESTATION” option).


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