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Strategic planning
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Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective 1
Ensure security of energy production with the best quality standards.
Ensure electricity supply to Brazil and Paraguay, meeting the demands of their electrical systems, with suitable electrical parameters (voltage, frequency and availability, among others) and the safety of installations.

Strategic Objective 2
Ensure the economic and financial balance.
Ensure proper implementation of the company's resources, meeting the financial commitments, ensuring the development of corporate initiatives and maintaining the current level of the cost of electricity service.

Strategic Objective 3
To be recognized as a world leader in corporate sustainability.
Developing the company’s management process efficiently and effectively, meeting the principles of corporate sustainability (socially just, environmentally sound, economically viable, culturally accepted), seeking leadership based on certifications and recognition of the Brazilian and the Paraguayan societies.

Strategic Objective 4
Effectively contribute to the sustainable development of the areas under the influence of the power plant.
Ensure that the direct actions of Itaipu in the areas under its influence are articulated and structured with the governments and societies of both countries, with a view to improve the quality of life and to provide a fair social and economic development, respecting the environment.

Strategic Objective 5
Improve the efficiency of energy production processes keeping the technological infrastructure updated.
Rely on management processes and technology infrastructure suitable for the production of energy to meet the quality requirements regarding quantity, availability, electrical parameters and costs.

Strategic Objective 6
Have efficient business processes and appropriate technology.
Keep updated and optimized business processes (administrative, financial, legal, information and communications, people management, R&D + I) using appropriate technologies so that they function efficiently, enabling the optimization of the capacity to monitor and control the company’s business.

Strategic Objective 7
Foster socio-economic development of the area under the influence of the dam.
Develop, manage and evaluate systematically structuring initiatives aimed at generating employment, income and welfare in the region, seeking to include the participation of non-governmental organizations and national or international development agencies for development, paying particular attention to the use of electricity.

Strategic Objective 8
Promote research and innovation to energy and technological development, with an emphasis on sustainability.
Research and support technological innovation initiatives and the development of renewable and clean energy sources, seeking energy efficiency and sustainable development for the area under the influence of the power plant.

Strategic Objective 9
Enhance the development of tourism in the region.
Develop and promote initiatives to increase tourism in the region through partnerships with public and private entities, to improve the quality of infrastructure and services.

Strategic Objective 10
To consolidate the process for social and environmental watershed management in order to conserve the environment and biological diversity,while integrating the community.
To maintain and consolidate the precepts of ITAIPU social and environmental management programs, with a focus on the recovery and conservation of natural assets, on research and caring for the biodiversity of protected areas. To bolster community involvement in creating environmental awareness in society, promoting a change in our way of being, living, producing and consuming, while striving for food self-sufficiency through the sustainable generation of income and articulation with institutions in forming agreements and effective commitments.
Strategic Objective 11
Develop in people the essential knowledge and skills for the implementation of corporate strategy.
Provide means for employees to develop the skills needed to manage people, processes and projects necessary for the implementation of the plan which integrates the policies and guidelines, strategic objectives, indicators, targets and actions related to defined goals.

Strategic Objective 12
Foster an organizational culture focused on process efficiency and results.
Develop an organizational culture that favors the effectiveness and efficiency in the development of activities, focusing on results.

Strategic Objective 13
Maintain the human capital with a high level of motivation, commitment and performance.
Establish policies aimed at developing human capital grounded in continuous evaluation of performance and guidance for career development, focusing on results and skills.
Strategic Objective 14

Have information and essential systems for the implementation of the corporate strategy.
Have knowledge, data and structured and accessible information through systems that facilitate corporate management and provide support for the decision-making processes.

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