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Supervisory Board and Executive Board of Directors
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The governments of Brazil and Paraguay are responsible for appointing the Itaipu Binacional Executive Board of Directors through Eletrobrás or the Administración Nacional de Electricidad (Ande). Each position allotted to a country has its counterpart on the opposite river bank.

The Executive Board of Directors is staffed as follows: Brazilian General Director; Paraguayan General Director; Executive Technical Director; Technical Director; Executive Financial Director; Financial Director; Executive Legal Director; Legal Director; Executive Coordination Director; Coordination Director; Executive Administrative Director; and Administrative Director.

In addition to the Executive Board of Directors, Itaipu has a Supervisory Board made up of twelve members, six from Brazil and six from Paraguay, and one representative from each country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Supervisory Board meets every two months or upon extraordinary summons.

On the Brazilian side, three positions are appointed by the federal government, two by Eletrobrás, and one by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In Paraguay, three positions are appointed by the federal government, two by Ande, and one by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Board members serve for four years, and directors for five.

The Executive Board of Directors follows company by-laws and the Itaipu Treaty; conducts company business; and submits administration guidelines and regulations to the Supervisory Board, among other assignments. On its turn, the Supervisory Board enforces the Itaipu Treaty and its annexes.

Among others, Supervisory Board duties comprise the definition of the company's key administration guidelines and its by-laws; approval of the budget for each fiscal year; and review of the annual report.

To get the decree of appointment of each board member, just click on the name.

Supervisory Board


Board Member - Brazil  Pedro Miguel da Costa e Silva
Board Member - Brazil Orlando Moisés Fischer Pessuti
Board Member - Brazil Paulo Jerônimo Bandeira de Mello Pedrosa
Board Member - Brazil Adailton da Rocha Teixeira
Board Member - Brazil Samantha Ribeiro Meyer
Board Member - Brazil Carlos Eduardo Xavier Marun
Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Otávio Brandelli
Board Member - Paraguay Pedro Agustín Ferreira Estigarribia
Board Member - Paraguay Juan Carlos Barreto Miranda
Board Member - Paraguay Osvaldo Román Romei
Board Member - Paraguay Ángel Manuel Armando Aquino Etcheverry
Board Member - Paraguay Crecencio Molinas Lugo
Board Member - Paraguay  
Paraguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Representative Víctor Luis González Segovia

Executive Board of Directors


Brazilian General Director Marcos Vitório Stamm
Paraguayan General Director José Alberto Alderete Rodríguez
Executive Technical Director Mauro Corbellini
Technical Director José María Sánchez Tilleria
Executive Legal Director Iris Magnolia Mendoza Balmaceda
Legal Director Cezar Eduardo Ziliotto
Executive Administrative Director Alberto Cabreza Villalba
Administrative Director João Pereira dos Santos
Executive Financial Director Mario Antonio Cecato
Financial Director Mónica Luján Perez dos Santos
Executive Coordination Director Miguel Ángel Gómez Acosta
Coordination Director Newton Luiz Kaminski


Supervisory Board Office – Brazil
Edith de Souza Silva 0055-41-3321-4386 Curitiba

Executive Board of Directors Office
Mônica Regina Rodrigues 0055-45-3520-5324   Foz do Iguaçu

Supervisory Board Office – Paraguay
Nathaly Zaván 00-595-21-248-1416 Asunción

Executive Board of Directors Office
Carolina María Uriarte de Ortigoza 00-595-21-248-1698 Asunción

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