Human Resources Guidelines
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The challenge of the human resources division at Itaipu is to attract, retain and develop people by means of systems and policies set up to optimize performance and commitment in order to meet the needs of internal and external clients. 

Itaipu believes it is impossible to reach the results established in its mission without showing due appreciation for the people working for it. In that sense, the company invests in its employees by creating and promoting professional fulfillment opportunities.

The human resources practices and procedures at Itaipu reflect important values enforced by its administration:

- Keeping the people management strategy aligned to the business strategy;
- Favoring competence in the management of human capital;
- Prioritizing the use and development of in-house talent in professional growth opportunities within each career;
- Providing equal and fair opportunities to all job and career applicants;
- Practicing salary levels compatible with those paid by the job market;
- Keeping a position and salary structure that enables jobs and duties to be clearly identified and rated, according to the various occupational groups in existence in the job market;
- Keeping a suitable benefits policy competitive in terms of the market;
- Keeping its employees trained and updated in the various technical, conceptual and managerial knowledge fields and skills required for the accomplishment of its mission;
- Implementing corporate education strategies and initiatives to add value to the business and fulfill the potential of its staff;
- Encourage and collaborate with employees in their actions towards self-development, provided they are compatible with the needs and resources available;
- Keeping a safe and healthy work environment that provides adequate conditions for the full performance of professional activities;
- Prizing truth and transparency as a permanent principle for company-employee communications;
- Offering underprivileged families from communities where it operates a development opportunity for its young, by means of the Initiation and Incentive to Work Program (PIIT);
- Offering students opportunities to improve their knowledge and acquire practical working skills at its facilities, by means of internships;
- Keeping a well-balanced capital-work relationship, managed so as to comply with the international regulations that guide it and within the principles of the Code of Ethics in force.

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