Biodiversity conservation
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Itaipu Binacional is a reference in the global electricity sector for its concern with biodiversity. The company preserves more than 100,000 hectares of forests on both sides of the reservoir and promotes conservation actions for endangered fauna species with several partners. Itaipu's protected areas are part of the Biosphere Reserve in the Man and Biosphere Programme, from UNESCO.

Harpy eagle at the Bela Vista Sanctuary, which is part of Itaipu's protected areas.

The green belt surrounds the bi-national reservoir that extends for 170 km along the Brazilian-Paraguayan border. It stores 29 billion cubic meters of water and has 135 thousand hectares of water surface. The reservoir has multiple uses: energy production, human consumption, agricultural activities, fishing and aquaculture, tourism and leisure, and wildlife maintenance.

Riparian forests on Itaipu's reservoir.

Biodiversity conservation is one of the main strategies to ensure the quality and quantity of water (water security). In addition, it also contributes to climate regulation. In other words, nature provides essential ecosystem services for health, well-being, and the economy in the surrounding territory.

Here you can find more information on Itaipu's actions on envrionemental protection: