Itaipu Binacional reaches its highest productivity index of all time in July
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Itaipu Binacional, located on the border between Brazil and Paraguay, closed the month of July 2021 with a productivity of 1.1221 average megawatt per cubic meter per second (avgMW/m³/s), the highest monthly rate ever. This means, in practice, that the plant used water, a raw material for energy production, in the most efficient way possibly throughout the month – an important achievement, especially when the country is going through a water crisis.

Photo: Alexandre Marchetti/Itaipu Binacional
Photo: Alexandre Marchetti/Itaipu Binacional

The previous record was last month (June/2021), with 1.1174 avgMW/m³/s. Productivity is an index calculated by the relationship between the amount of energy generated and the turbined flow (the volume of water that passed through the generating units, measured in cubic meters per second).

According to the superintendent of Operation of the plant, José Benedito Mota Junior, the drought demands actions from the binational Operation teams so that Itaipu Binacional continues to meet the energy requirements of Brazil and Paraguay in the most efficient way possible, seeking to generate energy at the optimal operating point of the generating units, in which water consumption is lower.

“These actions sometimes result in the need to optimize the number of generating units in operation, so that they remain most of the time in the region with the highest yield”, explains the superintendent. This is where the efficient work performed by the binational Maintenance teams comes into focus, allowing the machines to be available to carry out these maneuvers.

“The partnership and integration between the plant's binational technical teams are vital for the maximum use of the productivity of the generating units, maintaining the high levels of operational availability, allowing a prompt response to meet the needs of Brazil and Paraguay,” says José Benedito.

The Brazilian General Director of Itaipu Binacional, Gen. João Francisco Ferreira, congratulated the teams for their dedication and performance. “I see that Itaipu is doing its part to support the country at this important moment, observing the guidelines of the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the National System Operator to overcome this difficult hydrologic scenario as soon as possible”, he concluded.