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Itaipu brings out details of the technological upgrade to prequalified companies
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Another phase of Itaipu Binacional's technological update project is being presented to representatives of prequalified companies before the bidding process. The presentation began on Wednesday (27) and will be concluded this Thursday (28), in a workshop that will take place at the Paraguayan side of the plant, in Hernandárias. During the event a detail of the project is being presented. This is the last step before the announcement of the second phase, which should happen soon.

Presentation was made on the Paraguayan side of the plant. Photo: Alexandre Marchetti.
With 20 generating units, Itaipu expects to upgrade the systems of two generating units per year. Firstly, the focus of the project is on controling, protecting, supervisioning, management, stirrings and monitoring the generating units systems and substations, such as circuit boards, sensors and meters, among others, which are spread over several kilometers all along the powerhouse, dam, substations and spillway.
The estimate is that the entire modernization process will be completed in 10 or 14 years, without prejudice to Itaipu’s energy production. Total estimated investment for the whole process is US$ 660 million.
According to Brazilian CEO of Itaipu, General Joaquim Silva e Luna, the technological update will allow the plant to continue at the forefront of high sustainable energy production rates, building up the development of Brazil and Paraguay. "This entire process calls for a comprehensive structuring of knowledge management, so that the current and future generation of our staff can enjoy this legacy, and also, for those who seek learning from the largest generator of clean and renewable energy on the planet”.
The aim of the workshop is to convey as much details as it is possible about the technology updating project to the companies concerned, ensuring that all of them will receive the same information without any kind of privilege. The idea is that the process to be as open as possible and that all information be equally shared. 
The document that meets all requirements took two years to be completed in a contract with WorleyParsons / Inconpar companies, and has six thousand pages.
The Technical Board of Itaipu expects companies to benefit from these presentations, as this is a highly complex project that will require regardful and thorough management.
Itaipu was represented at the workshop opening by the deputy superintendent of Engineering, Jorge Habib; the executive technical director, Mauro Corbellini; the technical director, José María Sánchez Tilleria, as well as superintendents and managers of the Technical Directorate and employees involved with the technological updating project. Among them, Angelo Mibielli and Julio Cesar Montanía Escobar, who made the initial presentation. Also present were the advisers Crecencio Molinas Lugo and Osvaldo Roman Romei.
Technological updating
For the technological updating, a multidisciplinary team composed of Brazilian and Paraguayan engineers from the plant itself has been carrying out several studies with other areas of the company in recent years.
The first stage is expected to last four years and will cover the setting up of executive projects, manufacturing, factory testing, improvement of control room systems and local testing, and then moving on to the next stage: generating units shutdown. Each unit that passing through the process will need to be stopped while updating.
The qualified ones 
The first workshop, held in October 2017, was presented within a strictly technical and comprehensive scope of the project to 140 companies related to the area. At that time, it was highlighted that the bidding process was divided into three allotments: number one, aimed at companies and Brazil-established consortia, and numbers two and three, aimed at those established in Paraguay.
The following year, also in October, a new workshop gathered the 21 most straightly interested companies in the updating scope. Topics covered in this stage were both technical and legal in nature.
At the end of 2018 the prequalification stage was finished and only those companies that had all the approved documentation were considered qualified and invited for the third meeting. For allotment number one, there consortia were qualified: Andritz-ABB, CATI (Voith, Siemens and Trctebel) and GE (GE Hydro, Grid Solutions). For the second allotment, the Alto Paraná Consortium, Concret Mix S.A., Tecnoedil S.A. and Proel-Ingelmec Consortium were qualified. For the third allotment the qualified consortia were Rieder & Cia. and Consortium of Ingenieria CIE S.A.