Strategic vision
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Itaipu Binacional acknowledges communication as a vital element for the survival of companies and social organizations in the modern world, characterized by increasing economic competition, the speed of technological progress and scientific knowledge, new demands of human development, and the permanent increase in information flow and interactivity.

At Itaipu, communication represents an interface between the Brazilian and Paraguayan electricity markets, and between the societies of both countries – a link through which the company interacts with other organizations in the industry and its various target audiences. It is also instrumental in advancing the strategies designed to strengthen the company's corporate and institutional image.

That is why the entire process of strategic planning and management of company communications on which this Plan is based is guided by a look into the future that seeks to respond to the challenges currently taking shape for the medium and long terms, and to make the most of the opportunities available. Guided by that strategic concept, the communications policy aims to help make Itaipu Binacional recognized by its internal and external audiences as:

- the world's largest hydroelectric power plant in terms of electricity generation;
- a public company with a unique legal make up, given its double nationality;
- a company that prizes maintenance and operation efficiency according to strict labor safety and accident prevention standards;
- a company attentive to the constant development of its organization and the value chain it belongs to, and which carries out initiatives related to corporate governance, knowledge management, and technology research and innovation;
- a company of vital importance for the development and dynamism of Brazilian and Paraguayan economies and for the integration of those areas;
- a company that employs the best social-environmental responsibility practices in the electricity generation industry, and contributes to the sustainable, environmentally healthy, and socially responsible development of Brazil and Paraguay;
- a company that excels in transparency and management ethics.