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Educational infrastructure
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The Education for Social and Local Sustainability program creates the proper conditions to improve the education and quality of life of underprivileged populations in Paraguay by developing initiatives aimed at decreasing the high illiteracy and school evasion rates.

Among the program's initiatives is the action “Infrastructure construction and equipment for social projects”, comprising the construction of classrooms, restrooms, principal's and secretary's offices, playgrounds and water fountains.

The project also includes the supply of computers and the installation of telecenters and labs, besides other services required to improve basic school infrastructure and factors included in the Human Development Index of the communities supported.

As part of the program, Itaipu has built 1,279 classrooms and provided financial aid to 410 school cooperatives for the construction of another 550 classrooms, in a total of 1,829 construction projects that benefit approximately 150 thousand children, besides providing 200 thousand desks and 500 thousand school supply kits.

Through an agreement with the Paraguayan Ministry of Education and Culture, Itaipu is also responsible for the infrastructure expansion and maintenance of four federal schools in Asunción: Colegio de Enseñanza Media Diversificada General Bernardino Caballero; Colegio Nacional de Enseñanza Media Diversificada Asunción Escalada; Escuela Nacional de Comercio n° 1 Alfonso B. Campos; and Colegio Presidente Franco/Escuela Nacional de Comercio n° 2, genuine symbols of Paraguay's school system.

The initiative benefits 6.2 thousand students from all social classes in the greater Asunción area, especially low-income students, besides 800 teachers and administrative staff.

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