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Gender equality
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Itaipu adopts a form of management which is more inclusive and more respectful to feminine opinion and participation, in order to benefit every employee, not only women. Via affirmative actions, the Gender Equality Incentive Program seeks to foster women's rights at work and in their social lives by creating an equal opportunity environment. 
Implemented in 2003, the action encourages their female employee to evolve and take on leadership positions, which has doubled the number of manager women over the last ten years from 10% to 21%. It also promotes initiatives such as the flexible schedule that allows parents to anticipate or postpone their shifts in half an hour. 
Although it benefits both sexes, the program is more highly significant to women, who are thus able to take their children to school and pick them up without compromising their working hours. Other actions already implemented gave all employees the right to attend Mother's and Father's Day presentations and exempted them from having to request authorization from their superiors to take their children to the doctor's, provided they present a note from the doctor. 
To start the process that would change concepts and values, Itaipu heard approximately 450 female employees and associates who helped outline a company profile and suggested steps. 
The program also includes training workshops for women community leaders in Curitiba and Foz do Iguaçu, and is part of the Ministry of Mines and Energy Permanent Gender Committee. 
In 2015, Itaipu was granted the Pro-Gender Equality Seal for the fifth time. Presented by the Special Office for Women's Policies, the seal is the acknowledgement of the pioneering work developed by the company in the electricity industry. 
Click HERE to access the WEPs Brazil Award website (Portuguese only).
In 2015, Itaipu was granted the Pro-Gender Equality Seal by the Federal Government of Brazil for the fifth time.
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