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Low-income communities
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Itaipu carries out a Full Support Plan to help low-income peasant and indigenous families in an effort to improve farming productivity, encourage production diversification, and ensure these populations have enough to eat.

Itaipu has helped prepare 28 thousand hectares of soil for crops, and together with cities in the Departments (states) of Caaguazú and San Pedro, the company purchased 20 tractors.

The Plan has also benefited 34 thousand families through the donation of 202 thousand seed kits, 850 henhouses, 138 thousand chickens, 600 goats, 3.2 thousand hogs, 279 thousand fry, 278 thousand kilos of balanced products, besides installing 280 air-tight tanks, 100 network tanks, 950 bee houses, 3 machines to extract fruit pulp equipped with refrigeration chambers,  and 13 factories of homemade starch.

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