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Village C, one of the most populated districts in Foz do Iguaçu, was created by Itaipu. The company built thousands of homes for the workers who built the hydroelectric power plant's dam.

However, later the area grew in a chaotic way and without proper infrastructure. And today it needs Itaipu's support.

Within the Outreach Electricity program, there is a series of initiatives dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living in Village C, located in the outskirts of Itaipu and the Bela Vista Biological Sanctuary.

Itaipu and the civil society's joint intervention into the community's life started in 2003. Since that time, 472 houses belonging to Itaipu were sold for a symbolic amount to the families living in them.

The homes had their documents legalized at Caixa Econômica Federal and Foz Habita.

In collaboration with the National Fight for Housing Movement, another 180 families living in at-risk or environmental conservation areas were transferred to a district where they have access to treated water, basic indoor plumbing, electricity, and deeds of property.

In 2005, Village C received a Social and Training Center that offers the community recreation, culture and training opportunities, like computer, cooking, hair styling, and manicure courses, dance lessons and sports among other activities available for people of all ages.

Still within the program and in collaboration with the Village C Community Council, Itaipu provides seeds and technical assistance to small farmers that grow food in the areas where the Furnas conveyance lines go through.

In the Outreach Agriculture project, 35 families dedicate themselves to manioc crops. Each one was given a one-hectare area. Besides technical assistance, Itaipu is helping them with the processing structure and sales of the production, which is meant to be purchased by the city administration and used in school meals.

To reinforce security in Village C, Itaipu donated two vehicles used by the City Guard to patrol the area around schools in the district.

All the initiatives above were put in practice after a house-to-house survey of the needs and wishes of Village C residents carried out in 2003. The survey gathered information and suggestions from the community in an effort to solve the problems observed in the neighborhood.

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