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Support to educational programs
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Itaipu implements and supports educational programs set up by governmental authorities.

Among the initiatives carried out by the company in collaboration with the Paraguayan government is the School Meal program that provides food for public school children in the power plant's area of influence.

The purpose is to improve nutrition and decrease drop-out rates. The program includes training communities, teachers and parents besides supplying equipment and inputs to make soy-based meals.

The program benefits 38 schools and other 233 associations in cities like Cedrales, Ciudad del Este, Colonia Yguazú, Hernandarias, Itakyry, Juan E. O´leary, Juan León Mallorquín, Minga Guazú, Minga Porã, Presidente Franco, San Alberto and Santa Rita.

Through the Leading a Working Life program, Itaipu provides theoretical and hands-on knowledge to low-income teenagers so that they can join the Paraguayan job market.

The program lasts 10 months and beneficiaries must be between 15 and 17 years-old. Their performance is evaluated periodically.

An Itaipu initiative, the Student Internship Program helps educate and train the human resources who will join the country's labor force.

In Paraguay, there are two types of internship programs: the curricular internship that technical high school and college students must complete to obtain their degree; and the professional internship program for students in their junior year at universities and professional education centers whose specialties relate to the power plant's technical area.

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