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Thinking Ahead for Retirement
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Retirement brings about radical changes in workers lives. In the interest of preparing our employees for this new stage in their lives, Itaipu has been offering the program “Reflexão para Aposentadoria – PRA” (Thinking about Retirement) since 2003. 

PRA seeks to alert employees about the need to prepare for retirement and face this new challenge in a harmonious way, by providing support that can help guide them toward a retirement that is healthy, dignified and full of new life prospects. Participation in the Thinking about Retirement program is voluntary.

It includes lectures that can help employees plan for their future after they leave the company. Among the subjects approached are financial planning, health care, quality of life and family preparation.

During these discussions, participants discover that retirement is not a problem and can actually be a great opportunity for making dreams come true, starting personal and family projects, broadening horizons and taking advantage of the professional knowledge they have accumulated during their years of work.

202 employees have taken part in the program since its beginning. In 2007, the program had four stages with varying numbers of participants – between nine and 47 people per module. The program is voluntary and spouses are welcome to take part in some modules.

In 2008, PRA should undergo new adaptations to identify further best practices for employees during their retirement phase.

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