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Unicef partnership
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Itaipu operates in collaboration with the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, Unicef.

As part of their joint efforts, the company has trained health agents and community leaders connected to the Children's Ministry.

They distribute the Strengthening Brazilian Families Kit, a set of short books about child care from pregnancy up to age 6 dedicated to educating families from 28 cities in western Paraná.

Developed by Unicef, the Strengthening Brazilian Families Kit offers information on health, rights, citizen participation, and values. The topics were divided into five books.

The purpose of putting that knowledge into practice is to decrease mother and child mortality and to bring parents and children closer together, thus strengthening family bonds.

The collaboration also enabled the survey “Situation of Children and Teenagers in the Area of the Triple Border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay: Challenges and Recommendations”, used to provide information support to the implementation of public policies in the area.

The initiatives had their goals and objectives negotiated and jointly established by the Fight against Sexual Exploitation of Children and Teenagers Network.

The success of the partnership with Itaipu made the United Nations include the Triple Border area as a priority for Unicef initiatives.

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