Itaipu Technological Park (ITP)
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Itaipu does more than consume new technologies. Through the Itaipu Technological Park (ITP) the power plant has established itself as a hub of scientific and technological production in Brazil and Paraguay.

Located in the barracks that used to lodge workers during the construction of the dam, the ITP is a teaching and research center dedicated to education, science and technology.

It was created in 2003 to meet the need to update power plant facilities and foster the progress of the power plant surrounding areas.

Until 2006, Itaipu had invested R$ 20 million in the center, and another R$ 15 million will be invested over the next three years. Besides that, the institution is seeking an additional R$ 32 million in federal government funds to invest in new projects.

While technological parks are usually high-tech condominiums the ITP stands out for working with education at all levels: undergraduate, graduate, technological training and literacy programs, all areas which are critical for social development.

The ITP develops projects dedicated to scientific and technological development in collaboration with public and private education and research institutions. Consequently, it also promotes entrepreneurialism and the generation of jobs and income.

The ITP covers and area of 50 thousand square meters where 2 thousand people work, including employees, trainees, partners, entrepreneurs, researchers, teachers and students.

Besides research and research support agencies, the ITP also houses a business development center and a university campus, the Unioeste Engineering and Exact Sciences Center.

As they finish their time at the ITP, students and entrepreneurs are fully equipped to consolidate themselves in the market. ITP's innovating character has granted it accreditation as a benchmark in technological education, research and development.

In 2006, the Itaipu Technological Park Foundation (ITPF) was created to run the ITP. Maintained by Itaipu Binacional, in 2007 the ITPF started operating the visitation to Itaipu's Tourist Complex.

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