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To ensure the continuity of its operations with a high degree of reliability, Itaipu is preparing a Technological Modernization Plan (PAT) which will initiate the process of modernizing the existing installations.

The schedule prescribes for 2007/2008 the conclusion of the analyses on the state of power plant equipment (Condition Assessment); the conclusion of the definition of modernization, extension of service life and prioritization; the conclusion of PAT; and the commencement of the contracts outsourcing equipment and services.

The objective is to delineate the following aspects that will take place over the next ten years: what is to be modernized; when to modernize it; and how much it will cost.

The first step in Itaipu's modernization process was the installation of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (Scada), which entered operation in December of 2003.

The system's main function is to provide data in real time for a complete inspection of the power plant, as well as providing control over energy generation. The data is provided by 25 thousand metering points along the entire hydro power plant.

The main challenge in the implementation of the system is that the power plant cannot stop.

The corporation has invested US$ 7.5 million in all, which includes, in addition to the purchase of the equipment, the training of six engineers in the United States for a year.

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