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Itaipu Technological Park (ITP) projects on the right river bank are integrated within the Technopolis program, a reference to the term initially used to indicate scientific and technological parks arising in Japan in the 80s.

The mission of the Technopolis program is to boost Paraguay's economic, social and cultural development, as well as its integration with Brazil and the world so as to further a domestic economy that enables better quality of life via the practical application of scientific and technological knowledge.

To that end, the program includes six lines of action.

The Eugen Company Incubator and the Faber Business Condominium promote entrepreneurialism and support companies already established.

Those initiatives cooperate with several joint research and development projects carried out with universities, the basis of programs Kiron Universities and Education Centers, Archimedes 3ID and Marconi Telecenters.

In order to promote cultural development, the ITP also offers spaces for creativity and the arts at the Atenas Cultural Center.

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