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Aquatic macrophytes
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Since 1995, Itaipu Binacional has been monitoring the reservoir aquatic macrophytes in a partnership with researchers from the Center for Research in Limnology, Lchthyology, and Aquaculture (Nupelia) of the State University of Maringá. A total of 235 sites along the eight main arms of the reservoir are monitored since then. 
A total of 63 aquatic plants species have been registered. U. subquadripara, and Hidrilla verticillata are worthy to be mentioned among the main ones since they are exotic species with great invading potential.
Studies have indicated that aquatic plants have a low potential for impairing the energy production in Itaipu reservoir.
In addition to meeting the preventive goal of control, monitoring aquatic macrophytes subsidizes other actions and shows the importance of such plants for the aquatic ecosystem conservation, and their potential usage in alternative effluents treatment systems.
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