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The Carapa River sub-basin
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The preliminary characterization of water-bordering and legal reserve woods was done based on studies by the Yrembé Porã Project on the micro-basins on Itaipu's right riverbank.

The studies include physical, biological, and anthropological factors of the micro-basins located on the Carapá River sub-basin, considered a part of the Paraná River Basin III.

This project emphasized how important it is to apply the multi-purpose agriculture concept as a way to engage people in basin management. There are cities on the Carapá River sub-basin: Ype jhu, Corpus Christi, Francisco Caballero Álvarez, Nueva Esperanza, Curuguaty, La Paloma del Espíritu Santo, and Katuete.

In each city, one micro-basin was selected to work as an example for the other micro-basins in the district. The project staff will study its physical, biological, and anthropological characteristics in order to plan and implement initiatives according to the local population's features and resources.

A special result is the strengthening and improvement of Itaipu relationships with all sectors and their respective agents with whom it will be necessary to interact to foster local development.

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