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GHG Emissions
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Focused not only on local but also on global concerns, Itaipu annually takes an inventory of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emitted from its production process. Among many variables, it considers emissions caused by the consumption of fossil fuels both from its own and outsourced vehicles, as well as by the use of electric energy and the employees’ air travels.
The measures developed by Itaipu in this area are so effective that, in recent years, the company has broadly exceeded the previously set reduction goals, therefore helping to raise the Eletrobrás score in the São Paulo Stock Exchange's Corporate Sustainability Index.
There is more: in addition to continue reducing its emissions, Itaipu maintains its biological refuges and the Protection Range along its reservoir border by allowing the existing forest to carry out in its biomass the fixation of atmospheric carbonic gas, which is the most abundant greenhouse gas on the planet. It is estimated that the withdrawal of atmospheric CO2 is 250 times greater than GHG emissions from Itaipu's administrative processes.
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