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Medicinal Plants
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In Paraguay, the orchard of medicinal plants is located in the environmental center, in Hernandarias. About 50,000 seedlings of mostly native medicinal species are produced annually, totaling about 70 varieties. There is also a center for the use of medicinal plants, the herbalist, where the selection, drying and packaging of herbs is carried out, with a strict quality control in the processing. An annual production of about 20,000 dehydrated herbs sachets is carried out there. The final product and seedlings are distributed in all of the Entity's social and environmental activities and also to the project's visitors in order to promote the rational use of medicinal plants and at the same time the preservation of our biodiversity.
The Medicinal Plants Program works to promote the production, research and use of herbal medicines in public health care in the region around the Itaipu reservoir in Brazil and Paraguay.
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