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Paraguay Biodiversity
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The program focus on actions aimed at reducing the rate of deforestation and the loss of biodiversity in productive lands of the Paraguayan Atlantic Forest, through the development of connectivity within the conservation corridor, improving the system of protected areas and strengthening regulatory frameworks. 
Main Themes
Restoration of forest connectivity.
Community development of indigenous peoples.
Restoration of landscapes and resilience of forest remnants.
Strengthening of biodiversity conservation policies.
Protection of water channels.
Consolidation and expansion of the national system of protected areas.
Environmental concepts implemented in education programs for primary schools.
Main results
• Restoration of Connectivity between Protected Areas: Farmer Associations: 38 agreements, 1,102 Subprojects / Beneficiaries; Indigenous Communities: 19 agreements, 296 Subprojects, in 55 indigenous communities of the towns: Mbyá Guarani, Avá, Aché and Pai Tavytera; Installation of Municipal Nurseries; Micro watershed management: participatory planning in 22 micro watersheds, more than 11 beneficiaries.
• Consolidation and Expansion of the National System of Protected Areas: Development and Implementation of management plans for National Parks; Biological monitoring in public and private protected areas; Tourism development of the parks Yguazu, Maharishi, Ybytyruzu and Ñacunday; Titling of public protected areas; Strengthening of Private Protected Wild Areas, through the incorporation of 4 private natural areas;
• Institutional Development in the Project Area: Strengthening biodiversity conservation policies and associated institutions; Strengthening Plan of the Environment Secretariat - SEAM and the Instituto Paraguayo del Indígena - INDI; Training for Supervisors, Directors and Teachers of the initial level of 6 departments in the application of biodiversity criteria and the application of Teaching Materials; Training Plan: 5,283 trained people, through 109 courses and workshops on environmental and / or socio-productive topics.
• Indigenous Strategy: The Indigenous Strategy is transversal to all the components and had wide participation in the Implementation of the Subprojects with the Indigenous Communities, the Training Plan, Institutional Strengthening of the INDI, and the actions related to the community development plans.
"Improving the Conservation of Biodiversity and the Sustainable Management of the Earth in the Atlantic Forest of Eastern Paraguay - Paraguay Biodiversity"
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