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Veterinary Hospital
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Itaipu operates a Veterinary Hospital to care for captive and free wild animals living in the power plant's area of influence.

With 700 m2, the Veterinary Hospital is located at the Bela Vista Sanctuary in Foz do Iguaçu.

The structure provides ambulatory and clinical care, as well as performing various diagnostic procedures, surgeries, necropsies, and the scientific research required to protect wild animal health.

The Hospital also holds agreements with education and research institutions, in addition to organizations that protect the local wild endangered animals.

Every year it is visited by students and researchers from several Brazilian schools of Veterinary Medicine, Zootechnics and Biology.

The Veterinary Hospital is equipped with modern radiology, ultrasound, videolaparoscopy, odontostomatology and surgery equipment, which enables quality veterinary care.

The animal isolation and quarantine areas ensure biosafety and disease prevention at the facilities.

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